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Dad Cop Wiki is an encyclopedia about nearly everything related to the sitcom idea, Dad Cop. Not much information will be put on the wiki as the idea is still in progress.

Plot Edit

The Woodland Family are a typical family living in the typical town of Cloverfield.


The Woodland Family Edit

  • Rufus- Rufus is the main character of Dad Cop. He is Diana Woodland's husband and Ed Woodland's father. He is quite stupid and his job is police cop, which doesn't really add up. His relationship with Ed is incredibly bad as they always disagree on everything. However, his relationship with Diana is very sucessful as their intelligence level is nearly exactly the same.
  • Diana- Diana is the second main character of Dad Cop. She is Rufus Woodland's wife and Ed Woodland's mother. Just like Rufus, She is not very bright, but incredibly fussy with cleanliness. Her relationship with her son and husband is very successful as they she tries to agree with nearly everything they both say.
  • Ed- Ed is the third main character in Dad Cop. He is deformed, but able to talk, walk and think. He hates his father and loves his mother. He has a alive teddybear called "Solider Stuffing", who moves and attemps to kill Rufus while Ed is not looking. He is much smarter than parents in nearly every way.
  • Tex- Tex is the fourth main character in Dad Cop. He is Ed's uncle and Rufus' older brother. He ran away from home to Texas, when Rufus was about 2 years old. He owns a pet cow called Salt. Tex is smarter tan Rufus, but he can stupid sometimes.
  • Solider Stuffing- Solider Stuffing is the fifth man character in Dad Cop. He is Ed's alive Teddybear and constantly tries to kill Rufus while no one is looking. He is unable to talk or make any noice whatsoever.  
  • Salt- Salt is the sixth main character in Dad Cop. She is Tex's pet cow who happens to have wings.

Neighbours Edit

  • Goth Girl- A mysterious goth like girl. Her real name is unknown.
  • Leroy- Leroy is one of Rufus' best friends.
  • Kenny- Kenny is one of Rufus' best friends.

Episodes Edit

  • It's The First Episode, Duh!- Rufus discovers that Ed's teddy bear, Solider stuffing is trying to kill him and Rufus panics and tries to get a hitman.
  • Mom Cop- Rufus and Diana swap their daily life. Diana becomes a cop and Rufus becomes a house wife. Meanwhile, Ed becomes a superhero at high school.
  • TBA- TBA
  • Hop Up- The Family get a pet rabbit. However, This rabbit is not as cute as it seems...
  • Mission Arnold-Possible- When the new tecnology of today manages to bring back Arnold Schwazznegger, Rufus gives Anrold's latest movie a negative review. Arnold is not the happiset terminator when this happens, so he goes after Rufus! Meanwhile, Solider Stuffing goes missing, so Ed tries to find out who stole him.
  • Love Thy Tourist- When a tourist that resembles to Borat comes to Cloverfield, Rufus mistakes him for a terrorist.
  • Walking Up Mally: The Rufus Woodland Story- Rufus has to pay 1000$ and 1 cent for blowing up the police station. So, Rufus gets the idea of playing for a ice hockey team. But, With Jason Voorhes on the enemy side, there's no chance.